Business Model

Our model

Against this background, Alizetics buys sunflower oilseeds from smallholders for onward selling (see graphic). By buying directly from smallholders in remote areas, working with the farmers’ community-based organisations to organise the end to end buying process, Alizetics provides smallholders with a transparent market, which allows them to generate a significant income from sunflower.

Three success factors positively influence Alizetics’ opportunity for market share and potential for growth:
  • working closely with sister company Agrics and other suppliers of input seeds to smallholders increases the quality of the oilseeds;
  • contracting large processing companies that have continuous high demand decreases risk and the need for advance financing;
  • realising efficiencies in terms of organisational structure, logistics and storage keeps cost low.

Alizetics is currently active in the provinces of Shinyanga and Simiyu in northern Tanzania.